HandyPro Allen Texas Handyman Most Trusted by Seniors and Single Female Homeowners

Older people can be vulnerable to unfair treatment by home improvement contractors…take it from one who knows first-hand

Allen TX – The birth of HandyPro Handyman Service came about when founder, Keith Paul realized a need to raise the standards of quality in the home repair industry. He started his handyman and home repair business when his grandmother was unfairly by a home improvement contractor.

The news reports a variety of handyman scams, prompting single homeowners and senior citizens to be cautious when choosing and hiring a contractor. Even when they call a company based on a trusted referral, they are concerned that the home repair contractor they send may not the same one that earned the referral. Many home improvement companies are advertised on the internet with impressive websites that boast honesty, reliability and professional workmanship, but this is just good advertising and not always the truth.

Local handyman and owner of HandyPro Handyman Service in Texas (http://www.handypro.com/richardson.html) suggests tips for homeowners to protect themselves from unscrupulous home service providers. They can begin by researching the company using credible websites like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or Service Magic. If the handyman they are considering is not listed on any of these sites, chances are he cannot be trusted. All home service providers should at least be a member of the BBB to show they are reputable.

Consumers can also ask for a physical description of the contractor that will be sent. Does he drive a company vehicle with lettering and a logo? Will he be in uniform? If not, then it is important to at least know what he will be driving and how he can be identified.

Though the handyman may be licensed and bonded, it is not a good idea to leave them alone in the home. Take care to put valuables like jewelry and cash away. If possible, invite a friend or neighbor over for coffee to help keep an eye on things.

Abbott does not want residents to be afraid when they need home improvement or general repairs done. Just be cautious and use common sense to protect the home and family. Most everyone has heard a story about a home service gone wrong. Consumers deserve quality service, professional workmanship and fair prices, and only the honest and reliable handyman deserves their business.

HandyPro Handyman Service has earned a reputation for honesty and professional quality work. All service technicians are licensed and insured. They must pass a background check and drug testing to be part of the HandyPro team. The handyman will show up on time, in uniform with a fully-stocked, lettered service van so there is no doubt about who is at the door. Visit http://allentexashandyman.blogspot.com/ to learn more.

About HandyPro Handyman Services:
What’s on your to-do list? HandyPro Handyman Services offers affordable solutions to a wide variety of home repairs including home modification for seniors, home improvement and home remodeling, seasonal home maintenance and more. HandyPro specializes in helping the homeowner, business or property manager have building repairs completed professionally, in a timely manner, and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. HandyPro Handyman Service has been in business since 1996, serving over 20,000 clients with zero complaints from the Better Business Bureau. HandyPro Handyman Services has been featured on Rachel Ray and Fox News.